Remco van Baardewijk: Tuesday

Started training BJJ in 2002 and in 2011 Remco received his black belt under Barbosa.
Remco has also trained extensively in Grappling and teaches BJJ which transfers well to no gi fighting.
European Champion BJJ / Pan-American Champion BJJ / Winner of the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials / Dutch BJJ & Grappling champion

Remco, European BJJ champ, teaches BJJ and Grappling in Den Haag
Remco, European BJJ champ, is a BJJ and Grappling instructor at our school in Amsterdam.

Gordon Cheung  : Thursday
Read an interview with Gordon here:

James BJJ Grappling Den Haag
Gordon Cheung is a BJJ and Grappling instructor at our school in Amsterdam.

Simeon Rutges: Saturday

Read an interview with Simeon here:

Simeon Rutges is a BJJ and Grappling instructor at our school in Amsterdam.


Our academy is located in the Amsterdam Training Center a 350m2 training facility with around 200m2 fixed mats and 100m2 functional training space.

On the first floor you will find the changing rooms and showers, toilets are downstairs.Besides a lot of beginners we also have 8 BJJ black belts on the mats at our Amsterdam branch helping everybody out. Judo black belts to help us with the takedowns during BJJ class and people from MMA gyms coming to our Grappling training on Thursday. To wrap it up we have wrestlers helping us out with no gi grappling takedowns. This training with people from different styles and backgrounds (BJJ,Grappling,Wrestling,Judo & MMA) helps to build a diversified and complete game.Check out the pic below to see the mats we train BJJ and Grappling on at our Amsterdam school.




Day Time Type Teacher
Tuesday 20.15 – 22.00 BJJ Beginners + Advanced Remco
Thursday 20.15 – 21.45 Grappling Beginners + Advanced Gordon & Leroy
Saturday 13.00 – 14.30 BJJ Simeon
Sunday 13.00 – 14.30 BJJ Max

You are welcome to join us for a free try-out class. No need to make an appointment.

HJE Wenckebachweg 6 – V5
1096 AN Amsterdam

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06-43999211 (call & whatsapp)


Try-out classes for BJJ or Grappling are based on scheduled lessons. You are welcome to drop by for a free try-out class, it’s not necessary to make an appointment first. Just come, bring a shirt and shorts or a gi and train!

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