Lots of medals for Team Agua @ Submission Only BJJ & Grappling in Den Haag!

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Last weekend, 8 October, there was a Submission Only BJJ & Grappling tournament in Den Haag. For the first time, no points but only Submission was valued. Our fighters came out. From top to bottom. Ozcan as a purple belt fighting the higher belts in the Purple and Up division. He managed to take the silver Daniel getting the gold -88kg with him just being 83kg Denrhy won silver at Grappling lightweight Edwin bronze at blue belt lightweight Good performance … Read More

MMA class on Friday 18:30-19:30 in Den Haag

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New season has begun and we will expend our class schedule. In Den Haag starting this Friday there will be a MMA class taught by James Verschuur from 18.30-19.30. For those who still have energy left; the Grappling class at 19.30-21.00 will continue as usual. You can rest in between the MMA and Grappling class and enter when you are good to go! Also don’t forget the Thursday 7:30 AM class !!

Extra class 7:30 AM @ TA Den Haag BJJ / Grappling

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Our BJJ & Grappling school in Den Haag has added an extra class and training day to the schedule. Igor Braniste, BJJ brown belt, teaches on Thursday morning at 7:30. Gi or No gi. Start the day training jiu jitsu. Take a shower and head off straight to work or school. You can shower at the academy. If you have to leave earlier, because of your schedule, this is no problem at all. At all of our classes you can … Read More

Medals @ Rotterdam BJJ & Grappling Open for Team Agua

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The annual Rotterdam BJJ & Grappling Open was held this month. It was a tough tournament with mostly Dutch competitors, but also some people coming from Germany, France, Finland, Belgium and Ireland to compete. At the Rotterdam BJJ Open we harvested 3 silver medals; Daniel, who trains in Den Haag, got the silver at White Belt -70kg,  in what was only his second tournament. Amu, from our Rotterdam school, won a silver medal at his first BJJ tournament ever. Ozcan, from our … Read More

Kelly wins ADCC Amsterdam Grappling competition

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Kelly has been on lately! After winning silver at the BJJ Europeans in Lisbon, now the golds are coming in. She won the ADCC grappling tournament in Amsterdam. And last weekend she won gold at the Rotterdam Grappling Open. Congrats Kelly!  

Team Agua best team at Rotterdam BJJ Open

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    Our competitors went to Rotterdam to compete at the BJJ Open. We managed to get the title of best team. From the Den Haag Team Agua branch Nick and Ozcan medalled. Nick Pavlov won at Gold at heavyweight and Ozcan bronze at medium-heavy, both in the blue belt division. Congrats!

Great result at the Den Haag BJJ and Grappling Open!

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The day started off with the Den Haag BJJ Open; Silver White belt -70kg Jordy Spitters Silver White belt -82.3kg Bence Marjan Silver Blue belt -82.3kg Daniel Franken Gold Blue belt -88.3kg Ozcan Diler Followed up by the Den Haag Grappling Tournament; Gold Beginner -67kg Jordy Spitters Silver Beginner – 73kg Nigel Vrede Gold Beginner -79kg Airton Rodrigues da Silva Ltr: Nigel, Bence, Jordy Top: Daniel / Left: Ozcan / Right: Airton with teacher James      

Amir gets bronze in the Advanced Grappling competition in WbD!

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Amir Sheikhosseini a strong grappler with a judo and wrestling background, represented Team agua (BJJ Amsterdam) in the biggest grappling competition in Holland. The gold medal was close, but a small mistake made him end up with the bronze. Amir helps us out with wrestling and judo takedowns during the BJJ and Grappling classes. Congrats!  

TA preparing for the Den Haag BJJ & Grappling Open

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The competitors from Team Agua in Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam are preparing for the Den Haag BJJ Open and the Den Haag Grappling Tournament 2016. The competition starts with BJJ in the morning/afternoon and will be followed up by Grappling in the afternoon/evening and attracts a good number of schools and competitors from the BJJ scene as well as the Grappling/MMA scene.

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