A lot of medals for Team Agua @ Holland Gi Challenge 2011

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Team Agua competed with a group of BJJ competitors from our schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Almere @ the Holland Gi Challenge 2011.The results were great, check out all of our students that got medals, here below:

3rd Place White -70 kg: Harry van Oosten
1st Place White -94.3 kg: Maurits Elders
3rd Place White -94.3kg: Luuk Benten
2nd Place White +94.3 kg: Ivor Suburan
1st Place White Open Class:
Maurits Elders
1st Place Blue -76 kg: Clifford Edwards
3rd Place Blue -76 kg: Tony van Vuurden
3rd Place Blue -88.3 kg: Michel Ras
2nd Place Blue +94.3 kg: Francis Thode
3rd Place Blue +94.3 kg: Duncan Diaz
2nd Place Women -60kg: Anna Rasouli
1st Place Women +60 kg: Jesmine Latrach
3rd Place Women +60 kg: Mariska Gerritsen