Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
07:00-8:15 BJJ     BJJ      
10:00-11:30   MMA   MMA/Grappling      
12:00-13:30           BJJ Drills  
13:00-15:00             Open Mat
18:30-19:30 MMA       MMA    
19:00-20:00   Grappling MMA Takedowns      
19:30-20:30 BJJ       BJJ    
20:00-21:30   BJJ Beginners BJJ Competition BJJ      
20:30-21:30 Open Mat       Open Mat    

Located just behind Den Haag HS station is our own facility of 280m2! Our dojo is upstairs with nice, fixed mats.
Downstairs we have seperate changing rooms with shower. There are also lots of lockers where you can safeguard your belongings during class.
We have a fitness room available for our members, during classes and untill 45 minutes after the last class.

You are welcome to drop by for a free try-out class, no need to make an appointment. 


James Verschuur: All BJJ, MMA & Grappling classes

James BJJ Grappling Den Haag
read an interview with James here:

Remco van Baardewijk: Monday, Friday & Sunday

Remco, European BJJ champ, teaches BJJ and Grappling in Den Haag 

Remco, European BJJ champ, is a BJJ and Grappling instructor at our school in Amsterdam.


Neherkade 2392,
2521 RR Den Haag




Try-out classes for BJJ or Grappling are based on scheduled lessons. You are welcome to drop by for a free try-out class, it’s not necessary to make an appointment first. Just come, bring a shirt and shorts or a gi and train!

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