Report from the seminar with BJJ Champ Mauricio in Amsterdam.

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Seminar Mau Ams BJJ

Mauricio Cristo seminar
This week Team Agua once again had the pleasure of attending a seminar from Mauricio Cristo! For those of you that do not know him: Maurico Cristo is a BJJ black belt and super heavyweight from the Cicero Costha team in Sao Paulo. This team is famous for it’s many champions such as Leandro Lo and the Miyao brothers. Mauricio is the current European No Gi champion and also a two time CBJJE world champion. He currently teaches and trains out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I attended the seminar in Amsterdam. The evening started with a really cool surprise: Mauricio brought along two Brazilian black belts that he trains with in Abu Dhabi to assist him with the seminar. We started with a short but effective warm up and then got into the techniques. I am always amazed how the learning in BJJ is endless: These high level practitioners can show you completely new techniques, or new details that will make all the difference to a technique that you (mistakenly) thought you knew already. This evening was no exception. We started with a super effective knee slide pass from De La Riva, a pass similar to the passes that you might see Leandro Lo do in his fights. After that it was time for some submissions; chokes from the top half guard and from the top knee shield position. Mauricio gave us some really good pointers and details here that even the most experienced of us did not know. He then followed up with a variation of the good old over under pass after which we did a variation of the Estima foot lock as a counter to the Lasso guard. Crazy stuff! By then my head was spinning from so many details. Luckily it was time to spar! As there were three visiting black belts on the mat everyone had the chance to roll with one of our guests! This was the fourth year in a row that Mauricio visited us and once again he pulled of a great seminar. Thank you professor Mauricio Cristo. Can’t wait till the next one. Osss!