Team Agua is preparing for the Rotterdam BJJ & Grappling Open

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First tournament of the year is the Rotterdam BJJ & Grappling Open. We will be present with team members from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Den Haag. Prepping has begun!  

Interview with BJJ black belt Vagner Boca!

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  PERSONAL Why did you start training BJJ and what’s your training background regarding BJJ, Grappling and other martial arts? I do bjj since I was 14 years old, before this I did football. I started in the beginning of the bjj in my city/ I knew some guys who were training and they invited me to train with them. It was more no gi and vale tudo(old school MMA), so for a long time I did more no gi … Read More

Medals for Team Agua at the Dutch Open BJJ

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Team Agua fighters went to compete at Nijmegen for the annual Dutch Open BJJ. They brought home some hardware. Robert with the bronze medal. Martin with the silver medal. Alwin with the gold medal

Guest instructor MMA + Grappling from Canada in Den Haag

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Last Friday Maxime Soucy MMA Fighter from Tristar gym in Canada showed us some very nice techniques @ Team Agua Den Haag. Transitions during MMA class and during Grappling ‘modern’ heelhooks a la Danaher Death Squad, which his team is linked to. Unfortunately he only stayed one day in Den Haag / The Hague Keep on learning and improving!    

Picture of tonight’s Jiu Jitsu training in The Hague

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Nice mixed group at tonight’s training in The Hague It’s competition season, some of the guys are preparing for the Dutch Open BJJ and Amsterdam Open BJJ & Grappling. There are also total beginners that just started their jiu jitsu journey. Well,… journey…some of them will stop in December. It’s always hard to tell who will quit and who will persist. Time will tell…we just train hard, have fun and evolve !

MMA class on Friday 19:15 @ TA Rotterdam

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We started two weeks ago with MMA class in our Rotterdam Centrum school, Josephstraat 10. The guys were very excited and trained hard. So from now on, it will be every MMA every Friday. We plan to add another day soon, if the attendance stays high enough. Come and join the MMA class with Rotterdam’s finest 😛 !

Preparing for Amsterdam BJJ & Grappling Open + Dutch Open

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The preparation has started for the Amsterdam Open BJJ & Grappling 2017 & the Dutch Open. As always we will be present at these annual events. Some of the older students of our academy have inspired the young guns to compete, so watch out! 🙂

Lots of medals for Team Agua @ Submission Only BJJ & Grappling in Den Haag!

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Last weekend, 8 October, there was a Submission Only BJJ & Grappling tournament in Den Haag. For the first time, no points but only Submission was valued. Our fighters came out. From top to bottom. Ozcan as a purple belt fighting the higher belts in the Purple and Up division. He managed to take the silver Daniel getting the gold -88kg with him just being 83kg Denrhy won silver at Grappling lightweight Edwin bronze at blue belt lightweight Good performance … Read More

MMA class on Friday 18:30-19:30 in Den Haag

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New season has begun and we will expend our class schedule. In Den Haag starting this Friday there will be a MMA class taught by James Verschuur from 18.30-19.30. For those who still have energy left; the Grappling class at 19.30-21.00 will continue as usual. You can rest in between the MMA and Grappling class and enter when you are good to go! Also don’t forget the Thursday 7:30 AM class !!

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