Team Agua best team at Den Haag Grappling Tournament 2011!

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Team Agua got together their group of grapplers from Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam to compete at the Den Haag Grappling Tournament 2011

Great results, see below !

Beginners -67 kg
1. Mylan May (Team Agua)

Beginners -73 kg
1. Cherello Leisberg (Team Kaishin/Team Agua)

Beginners -79 kg
3. Bas van Duin (Team Kaishin/Team Agua)

Beginners  -91 kg
1. Joshua Griffith (Team Agua)
3. Ozcan Diler  (Team Agua)


Advanced  -79 kg
2. Tayron Agtereek Chavarro (Team Agua)

Advanced +91 kg
1. Jessie Gibbs (Team Agua)